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Vacuum drying equipment

Equipment introduction:

This equipment is designed specifically for drying thermosensitive, easily decomposable, and oxidizable substances by removing the air inside the packaging container to reach the desired vacuum degree. It can fill the interior with inert gas, especially for complex components that can be quickly dried. When drying under low pressure, the oxygen content is low, which can prevent the dried material from oxidizing and deteriorating, and can dry flammable and explosive dangerous goods; It can vaporize the moisture in the material at low temperatures, making it easy to dry heat sensitive materials; Can recycle valuable and useful components from dried materials; It is an environmentally friendly "green" drying equipment that can prevent the discharge of toxic and harmful substances.

Specific airflow control and material distribution achieve high-quality and efficient drying effects;

Easy maintenance, clean and hygienic;

Modular transportation, quick installation and startup;

Users can choose steam or gas heating, complete or partial cooling, stainless steel or carbon steel chain plates, and different opening rates according to their needs.